Constellations is a community of listeners, investigating the world through sound.

We curate and produce a podcast, live events and publish sound materials.

Constellations features a wide-range of audio works which unravel the distinctions between experimental documentary, sound art, soundscapes, fiction, and music. The pieces we air demand a deep listening experience, encouraging listeners to expand their conception of narrative, sound and attention.

Constellations prioritizes working with artists who are BIPOC, LGBTQIA+, gender diverse, women, and/ or emerging creators under 30.

We are currently not accepting pitches or finished pieces to air on our podcast. If you are interested in collaborating with us, or helping build our community, get in touch here.

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Constellations Team

Michelle Macklem

Co-founder and Artistic Director


Jess Shane

Co-founder and Creative Producer


Logo by Eli Howey

Website by Jacob Baker-Kretzmar

Graphics by Jess Shane

Constellations is made in collaboration with:

Abinadi Meza / Adriene Lilly / Aidan McMahon / Aleksandra Bragoszewska / Aliya Pabani / Amias Hanley / Amita Kirpalani / Andrew Bateman / Angela Shackel / Anna Friz / Ariana Martinez / Arif Mirbaghi / Aurélie Lierman / Axel Kacoutié / Ayaz Kamani / Ayesha Barmania / Bartosz Panek / Bassel Al-Rahim / Bonnie Jones / Camilla Hannan / Chandra Melting Tallow / Cheldon Paterson / Chris Connolly / Clare Dolan / Craig Desson / Dennis Funk / Dylan Gauche / Ellie Gordon-Moershel / Erica Huang / Franco Falistoco Araya / Hildegard Westerkamp / Israel Martínez / James T. Green / Janet Rogers / Janna Graham / Jaye Kranz / Jeff Emtman / Jenn Stanley / Jess Shane / Joan Schuman / Joaquin Cófreces / John Hill / Jon Tjhia / Julie Shapiro / Kaija Siirala / Kamikaze Jones / Karen Werner / Kim Hiorthøy / La Cosa Preziosa / Maile Colbert / Mara Schwerdtfeger / Marco Cher-Gibard / Matthew Kariatsumari / Meira Asher / Michelle Macklem / Mike Williams / Miyuki Jokiranta / Mystery Box Contributors / Natalie Kestecher / Nicole Pingon / Nishant Singh / Olivia Bradley-Skill / Paolo Pietropaolo / Phil Smith / Phoebe Wang / Rachel Ní Chuinn / Rignam Wangkhang / Rui Costa / RUTMEAT / Sam Leeds / Sarah Boothroyd / Sisters Akousmatica / Sol Rezza / Sophia Steinert-Evoy / Tamara Montenegro / TK Matunda / Veronica Simmonds / Xen Nhà / Yardain Amron / Zoe Scoglio

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We work on the land of the Kulin Nation, and pay our respects to their elders—past, present and future.

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