Aliya Pabani

Aliya Pabani is a Tkaronto (Toronto) -based artist and audio producer. She hosted and produced an arts and culture podcast called The Imposter, which contained, among other things, an interview with two 10 year-olds about a film they made when they were 6, clips from her failed standup sets, a Jonathan Goldstein parody, noise meditations, instructions for setting yourself on fire, and a love song written by an AI program after it "saw" a picture of her.

She's also made audio works for Toronto Biennial of Art, Short Cuts (BBC), Constellations, and is a cofounder of POC in Audio. She likes sounds that you can feel in your body, and incidental, messy, unvarnished, repetitive or ugly ones that reveal things about how we tend to listen. She loves an om but will rarely namaste. 

Aliya was a part of Constellations' 2020 Season programming committee.


Resonant Bodies

Cheldon Paterson, Phoebe Wang, Kaija Siirala, Aliya Pabani, Jon Tjhia, Chandra Melting Tallow

August 9, 2019

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