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Welcome to the Mystery Box: a weird world of eccentric experimentation and sonic tomfoolery.

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We’re soliciting sound submissions from Constellations listeners: recorded moments where you either there, or you weren’t. Short sounds (3 seconds to 3 minutes) encountered by happenstance, strange seconds when you had to be there. Fleeting moments you managed to record just in time.

Submit your sound(s) to the Mystery Box here!


Every few weeks, these submissions will be mixed into a new Mystery Box by a special guest mixer. But listeners be warned, once the new Mystery Box is released— poof!—the previous one will disappear into thin air. Confused? That’s good. Confusion can be healthy. But for the sake of practicality, we’ve made an explainer for you here - what is a Mystery Box?

The Mystery Box is a container for expansion. Won’t you have a listen?

The Mystery Box

This Mystery Box has been mixed by Ariana Martinez.

It’s composed from sounds recorded by: Jess Shane, Miyuki Jokiranta, Anouk Hannan, Mike Williams, Ayesha Barmania, Adair Sheppard and Isaac Arnquist.

To hear these sounds in their entirety, click here.

Constellations is a community of listeners, investigating the world through sound.

The mix engineer is MM.

The graphics are designed by JS.


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Raw Submissions

Mystery Box 4 Submissions:

"Indian night train"

Contributed by Isaac Arnquist

Raw field recording on a train in India. Wait for it...

"Scatting on a bad line"

Contributed by Adair

Wacky sounding interference on a phone-call between friends, with a side of bad scatting

"A birdly story"

Contributed by Ayesha Barmania

A corvid stops me to tell me a bit about itself

Mystery Box 3 Submissions:

"a recording of construction"

Contributed by Jon

drilling is performed inside an apartment block

"a recording of glass"

Contributed by Jon

glass bottles are collected from roadside recycling bins, tipped into a truck

"a recording of a birthday"

Contributed by Jon

the song, 'happy birthday', falls apart terrible

"Train, I think"

Contributed by Mike Williams

I think this is a train. It must be a train. A lot of rumble and an announcement. Heading to see my parents. I don't remember recording this.

"The swan"

Contributed by Mike Williams

A chance sighting of a swan reminds Mike of Natalie and spurs him to call and check-in.

"Singing Machine"

Contributed by anonymous

"5km Final Stretch"

Contributed by Jess Shane and Kalli Anderson

Kalli and I ran a 5K in Prospect Park! This was the final stretch.

Mystery Box 2 Submissions:

"Arlie Getting a Tattoo"

Contributed by Jesse Lawson

We went on a lads trip to Manchester to get tattoos from a nice man called Cameron. This is Arlie getting his.

"Moments before the opera at the Met"

Contributed by Jess Shane

before the curtain rises at turandot

"Beautiful Busker"

Contributed by Jess Shane

beautiful busker in grand central station tunnel

"Fall in Bern"

Contributed by This Wachter

While reading news about Mystery Box two city employees clean the street with leaf blowers - a typical Swiss day in fall.


Contributed by Ana Calle

Is it fizzy water, is it a bird toy? Is it a glurp?

"Oh Mama"

Contributed by Anouk Hannan

Oh Mamaaa mamaaaa you gotta listen to me eee every time I talk to you


Contributed by Christina Marras

My kitten Sputnik sucking on my son’s hairy jumper while kneading and purring in paroxysm of domestic bliss.

"Tax Form Hold Music"

Contributed by Michelle Macklem

"Veritable Musique concrete 1"

Contributed by Neil Sandell

It took four years for the city to build a subway station outside my window. I hated the daily roar, but every once in a while it was musical.

We are not afraid + anthem

Contributed by Neil Sandell

A spontaneous cry: On n'a pas peur. We are not afraid.

"I’m extremely frustrated"

Contributed by Dennis Funk

A business man has no idea what to do with this flippin’ cheque

Mystery Box 1 submissions:

"A tube of ones own"

Contributed by the Toronto Radio Club and Veronica Simmonds

"Jess and Evan sing in parking lot"

Contributed by Jess Shane and Evan Cartwright


Contributed by anonymous

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