Jon Tjhia

Jon Tjhia is a radio maker, musician, artist and writer who's interested in people, time, music and expectation. He's a co-founder of Paper Radio. Since 2010, Paper Radio’s audio stories have been heard on the radio, at literary festivals, danced to and written about around the world. Jon has made long-form documentary podcasts, including Better Off Dead and the multi-award winning series The Messenger, with the Wheeler Centre, where he works as an editor and publisher of multimedia stories. His radio work has been heard on podcasts including Short Cuts and The Truth. This past year, his installations and collaborations have been exhibited in Canada, NZ, Australia and the internet. Tjhia is based in Melbourne, Australia. Find him on Twitter @serviceetc and @paperradio.


Resonant Bodies

Cheldon Paterson, Phoebe Wang, Kaija Siirala, Aliya Pabani, Jon Tjhia, Chandra Melting Tallow

August 9, 2019



August 9, 2019

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