Veronica Simmonds

Veronica Simmonds is a sonic sorceress. A daughter of community radio, born at CKDU 88.1, she cut her ear teeth at the CBC producing the critically acclaimed podcasts Sleepover, Alone: A Love Story, and Tai Asks Why. Her radio documentaries have aired on CBC, ABC and BBC. 

Her audio art work has lived in a weather observatory in France, a hair dryer in Pittsburgh, and a grain silo in Norway. She's a life long swimmer and her love of lakes led her to co-create the interactive web experience Her love of hair led her to create her show Braidio where she braided hair on air. These days she's listening to Lovers Rock, her daughter's fork drumming and the incessant beeping of her washing machine.

Listen to more Veronica's work on her website here, and through the shows she's worked on including Tai Asks Why, Alone, Sleepover, Braidio.

Mystery Box Contributor


We Are The Transcribers

Andrew Bateman, Veronica Simmonds

December 1, 2017

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