Sol Rezza

Born in 1982 in Argentina, Sol Rezza now lives in a small town west of Mexico City. She is regarded as a seminal voice in storytelling and radio art in Latin America. Her work explores how we perceive time and space through our senses, and how sounds influence perception in our daily lives.

Rezza has explored the materiality of sound for over 10 years. Her installations, performances and radio works create immersive sound worlds. She creates sound designs, compositions and experimental radio productions for different media and spaces out of her studio, founded in 2015. Her most recent work is an acoustic map of the city of Halle, created during the Radio Corax Radio Art Residency in 2018.

Find more of her work on her Soundcloud, YouTube, and Twitter.


El Primer Espacio

Sol Rezza

November 23, 2018

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