Cheldon Paterson

Cheldon Paterson aka SlowPitchSound is known for experimenting with music, visuals and live performance. He is the 2018 TD SoundMakers Composer in Residence and the Co winner of the 2018 CMC Toronto Emerging Composer Award. Paterson has been developing his own style of music composition over 20 years and has released 7 studio albums. His work has been featured at Classical and New music events, popular indie music festivals, world renowned electronic festivals, theatres, museums and many creative spaces. Paterson's passion for presenting fresh ideas has allowed him to perform works around the world with established artists from a number of genres. He is currently based in Toronto, Canada.


Resonant Bodies

Cheldon Paterson, Phoebe Wang, Kaija Siirala, Aliya Pabani, Jon Tjhia, Chandra Melting Tallow

August 9, 2019


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