Olivia Bradley-Skill

Olivia Bradley-Skill is a radio/sound artist who works with voice, field recordings, sampled sounds, and found media. She has a weekly radio show, which layers together various sonic sources into dreamy, hazy matter, including but limited to songs, voice, feedback, and extraneous sounds/noise. In addition to her radio work, she also has an increasing body of performance work, where she manipulates these sounds and her voice live. She has produced radiophonic works for WFMU, Wave Farm WGXC, Resonance, WPRB, and more. She has performed live at various festivals, such as On Air Fest, Megapolis Audio Festival, Trans-X Transmission Arts Symposium, and Wave Farm’s 10th anniversary event. Her WMFU show Radio Ravioli can be found here


Music to Wash Dishes By (This is of Course a Metaphor)

Olivia Bradley-Skill

August 10, 2018

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