2019 Season

By 2019, Constellations had established itself in a weird little corner of the audio world, leading to more artists and producers making original works for us. Our third season is comprised primarily of new works made especially for Constellations. Working alongside these artists in a curatorial capacity, we continued to craft our in-between space: not quite narrative audio, not quite sound art, but solidly somewhere that people wanted to be with us.

Many of these works were created by emerging artists and producers, who had an idea to create a work outside of their comfort zone and experiment with something new. With a heavy emphasis on field recordings, many of these works were recorded outside of the studio setting, with an emphasis on place, memory, and time.

Whisper Study

Hildegard Westerkamp

July 12, 2019

Point Pelee

Ayaz Kamani

June 21, 2019


Amias Hanley

June 7, 2019

I/a Recording

Aidan McMahon

May 10, 2019


James T. Green

April 24, 2019

Naka Naka Oka Aina

Tamara Montenegro

April 19, 2019

And The Sea Gave Up the Dead Which Were In It

Bassel Al-Rahim

March 29, 2019

Quiet Contemplations

Ayesha Barmania

March 15, 2019

The Space Between Stories

Phil Smith

February 20, 2019

Despojo (Dispossession)

Franco Falistoco Araya

February 15, 2019

To Slow Down Time

Janna Graham

February 1, 2019

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