Amias Hanley

June 7, 2019 [2019 Season]

H:O:M:E was produced by A Hanley, in collaboration with L&NDLESS collective — an interdisciplinary collective creating immersive, experiential encounters through durational performance, installation and text. L&NDLESS represents the juncture of individual and collective enquiry of its members, Devika Bilimoria, Luna Mrozik-Gawler and Nithya Iyer.

A writes:

I explored holding and responding. I explored the possibilities of sound as a facilitator and communicator of memories, embodied and expressed. I explored themes of death, displacement, collective memory, and personal stories. These themes were informed by memories that were shared to an online portal – those stories of place and belonging were gathered by L&NDLESS and were used to create an immersive performance-based installation. This sound piece is a concentrated composition of live responses to the experiential landscape of storytelling woven by L&NDLESS collective.

For more on A’s process and thinking behind the making this piece, listen to an extended interview with A at the tail end of the episode.

Amias Hanley is an artist currently living on Wurundjeri Country in Melbourne, Australia. Their practice uses sound and media to explore relations among queer ecologies, attunement, situatedness and speculative practices. Engaging forms of performance, installation and collaboration, Hanley's work is interested in audition as an affective practice and the possibilities of sound and technology to support and alter the sonic expressions of humans and non-humans.

They have recently developed INTERWORLD (2021) at Brunswick Mechanics Institute supported by Next Wave and have exhibited SUNKLAND (2021), commissioned by Liquid Architecture, and presented at McClelland Sculpture Park and Gallery.

In 2020, Hanley published Translating Ambiance Through Queer Ecologies: A Speculative Cartographic Imaginary (2020) in Unlikely: Journal for Creative Arts, they were an artist in residence at Bogong Centre for Sound Culture (2020), and featured work at Avantwhatever Festival (2020) and Speak Percussion’s SD Series (2020). In 2019 they were the recipient of the Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival, Best Sound Art Award 2019 (IRE).

In recent years they have presented work at Screen & Sound Cultures ​​Eco_Media Symposium (2019), Falls Festival (2019), A Night at the Nicholas (2019), Hearsay International Audio Arts Festival (2019), The Black Box Theatre (2018), Mapping Melbourne (2018), The Design Hub (2017), Crack Theatre Festival (2016), Melbourne Meat Markets (2016), 107 Projects (2016) and have been broadcast on Soundproof, ABC Radio National, 3RRR and FBi Radio.

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