Despojo (Dispossession)

Franco Falistoco Araya

February 15, 2019 [2019 Season]

DESPOJO (Dispossession) was produced by Franco Falistoco Araya.

Franco says

DESPOJO is a sound work which only uses sounds from an old vinyl record — clips and claps. I cut the big sound loop into fragments, creating small samples. Then I limited myself to using few processes — 1 equalizer, 1 reverb, and 1 delay. Anything else I wanted, I had to manually build inside the digital audio workstation. Another important decision during the work process was not to leave my home or sleep until the piece was finished. If I wanted to sleep, I had to finish the work. In this piece, I explored fatigue and auditory exhaustion.

Inspiring Franco both in the world of sound

I am lucky to have beautiful connections with people I admire. Many of these have arisen from exchanges of work, collaborations, letters; they are immediate, clear, concrete and sincere references. Sol Rezza, Fabian Racca, and Lorenzo Gomez Oviedo share my passion for radio and sound experimentation. Shaun Roberts’ way of working sounds and his voice fascinate me.

And outside of it

Writers like JG Ballard, WS Burroughs, Benjamin, Jung, and Lispector; the futuristic movement; painters including Pollock and El Bosco; engravings; the tarot; typographies; cinema. My cats also inspire me — we have spent a life together and they were present at my most important moments.

Franco Falistoco Araya is an Argentinian radio producer and sound artist. In his work, he plays with sonic nuances, textures, and tonalities, and appeals to intimate and collective emotions. He makes work in which sound communicates without needing words. For a decade, Franco has been running El RUIDO es el Mensaje, or The NOISE is the Message, a radio project which uses noise as part of a broader sonic language. Find more of Franco’s work on Instagram or

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