Vein of Sky (Winter #4)

Abinadi Meza

December 21, 2018 [2018 Season]

Vein of Sky (Winter #4) was produced by Abinadi Meza. It was commissioned by the Cynthia Woods Mitchell Center for the Arts for the 2014 CounterCurrent Festival, and is also featured in the Centennial Art Project: Art in the Park, at Hermann Park, Houston.

Abinadi says:

Vein of Sky is a collection of pieces made from environmental elements such as air temperature, humidity, light, and the movements of wind. These phenomena were recorded using micro-sensors and translated into sound. The project explores a sonic space or ecology not entirely representational yet not entirely fictional. I think the sonic space of the piece is kind of like a sculptural cast; it is imprinted and formed by real space but it has become something other. Space, so full of material. I wanted to collect some of it. 

Vein of Sky was installed near a lake, in a solar-powered pavilion, in a large urban park in Houston, Texas. Walking into the pavilion triggered the compositions, which would then interact with the other sounds happening around the listener at that moment, to create a rich sonic envelope.

Inspiring Abinadi both in and beyond the world of sound

I am really inspired by physical and tactile sounds, what I think of as sculptural sound. I am also inspired by simplicity, how a seemingly simple sound can incandesce with complexity and richness. I studied architecture and am always thinking about my work in sound as a kind of architectural practice, using sound to build or structure or recompose space. I am interested in the poetics and politics of space.

Abinadi Meza is an artist currently based in Texas. His artworks, sound works, films and performances have been presented in galleries, museums, festivals and other venues in the US, UK, Germany, Sweden, Finland, Brazil, Portugal, Spain, Italy, Japan, and New Zealand. Find him on Instagram or Soundcloud.

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