Prairie Wind

Rignam Wangkhang

January 26, 2018 [2018 Season]

Prairie Wind was produced by Rignam Wangkhang.

Rignam says: 

This piece was a rumination on what’s important in life and what is just noise. It came from my ongoing battle dealing with the ephemerality of life and how much time I waste on frivolous things.

Inspiring Rignam within the world of audio:

It’s hard to pin down a singular inspiration but Jad Abumrad always blows my mind. Outside of radio, The Dalai Lama is an example of the best humans can be.

Inspiring him outside the world of audio:


Constellations says:

Rignam reached out to us about this piece after recently having moved to Winnipeg. He said it would be inspired by "the prairie wind - outside my apartment windows, you can hear it howl". His piece takes us to the prairies and beyond, sweeps us across a vast and melancholic landscape while kicking up the dust of the world under its heels. In this piece, the wind is an omniscient character whose powers seem matched only by the anxious pulls of technology. 

Rignam Wangkhang is a Tibetan-Canadian multimedia journalist and radio producer at CBC Manitoba. He got into radio pretty randomly and is now trying to get better at the craft everyday. He’s currently trying to reconnect with his Tibetan heritage and history, so his next two projects reflect that desire. He will be producing radio documentaries for CBC’s The Doc Project and Now or Never. Follow him @RignamW.

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