It Was Right There In Front Of You

Camilla Hannan

September 27, 2018 [2018 Season]

It was right there in front of you was produced by sound artist Camilla Hannan. All source material is from field recordings made by the artist over the last year or so. This piece airs for the first time on Constellations.

Camilla says:

In this work, I was thinking about foreground, mid field and background. I love the sound of scraping metal and the way these sounds can merge up against each other. I like the mix of the natural world with machines. I like the on/off of contact mics and sometimes I like inserting myself in an incidental way – breaking the fourth wall if you like.

In this piece, I was thinking about how things right in front of you can tell you stuff that for whatever reason you may be oblivious to.  You may be distracted by other things or… you can’t or you don’t pay attention. That’s what it’s all about, paying attention.

Inspiring Camilla in the world of audio

The magpie birdsong in my garden is inspiring me at the moment. It’s spring where I am and the magpies are nesting and their morning calls are really quite magical. They make me stop and listen.

And outside of it?

What inspires me are the many talented and creative people I know personally and publicly who continue to make amazing work, despite fashion and trends. They just continue to impress me with their solid dedication and practice. 

Camilla Hannan is an Australian audio producer who has created a broad range of work for radio, podcast, performance and installation over the last fifteen years. Her work has been broadcast, performed, installed and exhibited both in her home country and internationally. Most recently, her sound design work featured as part of Particle/Wave for the Melbourne International Arts Festival with a multichannel immersive work specially commissioned for the Planetarium Dome at Science Works, Melbourne Museum, Australia 

Her interests lie in examining how sound impacts upon our psyche and how field recordings can create a road map for understanding the world around us. Find her on Twitter here.

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