Dr Faustus Begs to Come

Dylan Gauche

July 27, 2018 [2018 Season]

Dr Faustus Begs to Come was written, translated, performed, and produced by Dylan Gauche. An excerpt of Johann von Goethe's play served as the basis for this piece. Bayard Taylor's 1890 translation was also excerpted here. Thank you to Christian, and Gareth Stack, respectively, for reading those excerpts.

Dylan says: 

I really just want to know what love is, and why it treats me so poorly sometimes. Even though this is far less detailed in its autobiographical elements than some other work I've done and put out into the world, it is by far my most vulnerable piece. I translated this short soliloquy from Faust in November of 2017, with the primary goal of perverting academia. But, while putting a lot of conscious effort into the play of translation, I ended up putting a lot of myself into it. A lot has changed since then, but I do struggle with the same old problems, and I wanted this piece to reflect accurately on many different stages of love.

Inspiring Dylan these days:

David Lynch is always an inspiration, in his work in film as well as in music. His album with Marek Zebrowski called "Polish Night Music" has some really interesting soundscapes, and I've been listening to that quite a bit recently. The music of Nicky Flowers. Genesis P-Orridge. Janelle Monae. 

Dylan Gauche is a Toronto-based writer and performer. He has a movie review podcast called Film Burn, and you can check out his zines on nastymasc.itch.io. He's releasing a video game with some friends very soon, and you can hear all about that when it comes out, on Twitter and Instagram @nastymasc

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