Adriene writes:

"There's something to me something about hoarding or accumulating or the need to own things and purchase things and have things in your life. I understand it on a lot of levels and obviously I have stuff and I have more plants than a person should have. But there's something about that impulse. It's the opposite of the impulse I have, which is to shed everything and have nothing. So I say that because, that's like where the tension is for me, right? Because I want to understand … what is this accumulation? Like, why is why is this? How is this? What is this?”

this is a kind of excavation, or puzzle

imagine these pieces as parts of a whole.

there are 3 parts, 3 layers.

You can also listen to these perspectives simultaneously in duplicate or triplicate, open all three audio files at once and hit play on each one.

Accumulation Over Time was written, produced, and edited by Adriene Lilly and features the voice of Tiana Tucker with additional help from Tiana Tucker, Olivia Bradley-Skill and Michelle Macklem. Readings from The Body in Pain by Elaine Scarry and Hyperobjects: Philosophy and Ecology After the End of the World by Timothy Morton. 

X Axis: The rationale of a body in pain

Think about each layer existing at the same time and bleeding together.

Y Axis: The hoarding habits of two manhattan heirs

these tracks are three in the same, layers of perspective that align and come together.

Z Axis: The distribution of massive objects in time and space

Each layer is like a different perspective to a single thing that is too massive to perceive all at once.

Adriene Lilly is a sound designer and engineer. Her work is on bandcamp and twitter. Another of Adriene’s pieces aired on Constellations in 2017 and can be heard here.

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