A Sound Poem

Axel Kacoutié

Axel writes:

We are wrong to look for uniformity and objectivity. We have all mapped associations to what our subjective experience is like.

My experience of the colour red is different from yours. Our brains light up the same way when hearing water but our relationship to its sounds will never be the same.
Because of this, I wanted to illustrate how I've mapped mine using abstract terms like solitude, sunbathing, patricide etc. All as an attempt to say, "you don't have to understand, I just want to connect and have you see (listen) how I relate to the world."

Inspirations for this piece:

Today I will say:

  • The sound design and music in trailers/cinema - generic I know, but everything that I love about building worlds with sounds has come from learning how it's done in film.

  • Mother Moor's Analog Fluids of Sonic Black Holes - Grit and dirt. I like things that make me see/think in a different way or imagine new ways to express myself

Resources from Axel:

  • The Entry Level Audio Network (UK) - a network for anyone in the 1st stages of their UK audio career. UK wide meet-ups and online networking

  • Rise and Shine Audio - giving everyone a voice within the podcast and radio industries regardless of income. Free monthly RISE workshops and panels see radio professionals sharing their knowledge and SHINE events help you with promoting your content and furthering your career.

  • Sounds in Colour - an audio network for people of colour (UK) - if you identify as such, connect via soundsincolour[at]googlegroups.com

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